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December 10, 2018

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December 10, 2017






The end of this year has become about sewing seeds and watching them grow. I have continued to meet with my art psychotherapy colleagues. My career is moving (slowly) in the right direction. Working as a therapist means that I am keeping myself well within the parameters of my profession and keeping those skills fresh. It is a great role, albeit not one I can keep forever. I am currently a volunteer in a children's charity for a day a week.  


Recently I earned myself a place in an exhibition in Australia with the collective Flux Kunst. I will not be able to attend the exhibition but will be sending a friend along who lives in the area. I am exiting to be showing for the first time overseas and hope that it will lead to many more. 


A couple of months ago I also moved into Spike Island studios, my studio is still to be furnished but is a warm, lively community that is already enriching my practice. 


There is also another exhibition on the cards with my art therapy colleagues. We have settled on the name Interplay as a collective and have developed a website. We will be exhibiting in April, probably in Centrespace Bristol (location to be confirmed). 


The work being shown in Australia is Sex, Death and Colour (2017). I am still developing the work for Interplay, I am working on solidifying a vision I had after a 10 day meditation retreat. 







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