I live in the city and I travel to the sea, everyday. 

I wish I was the sea, moving in a perfect state of rhythm. Often I bask in the simplicity of the sound and movement of the waves. 

City life is similar, the traffic moves in rhythms, the hum of human voices in the busy streets is like birds on the rocks and things corrode the same way. Nature is everything. 

Electricity moves through our phones, computers, eyes and minds, supercharging our landscapes with a connected heartbeat and pulse. 

 I use what is around me; the every changing and moving cityscape of Bristol, as well as the natural landscapes of Somerset. I submerge myself in them thoughtfully and connect their rhythms to my own breathe and heart beat. As the flow takes me over, ideas tend to wash up on the shores of my own mind and come through me into the materials I use in a way that is intuitive, therapeutic and somatic.  

Creating, for me, is a way of understanding the world, abstracting elements from environments, tacitly exploring and figuring things out. The connection of inner and outer landscapes meets when I feel symbiotic with my material of choice.  


I am influenced by weather, landscapes both natural and man made as well as giffs, tools and repetition. My practice has evolved into drawings, ceramics, sculpture and black and white photography. Through these materials the themes of time, space and being are explored. Working as a therapist is a part of my process as I engage in the subtle conflict and emotional subterfuge of self-exploration with others and myself, I find that making artwork is essential for expelling unconscious and emotional material that I carry. 

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