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Often I sculpt, using reclaimed wood and ceramics. I rescue discarded furniture and wood, turning them into sculpture. These domestic assemblages act as plinths for delicate ornamental ceramics. The ceramic process is somatic, my body pushes into the clay, something of myself remains in the marks and the depiction of the self. Other times I create containers, which are metaphors for the body as a vessel with a clear interior and exterior. 
The hard and fragile contrast of the wood and the clay is an interesting visual that creates a landscape which seems both reminiscent of natural and domestic spaces. 
Themes of renewal, landscape, love and emotion run through my work, providing a personal and poetic insight into material self exploration. 

As an art psychotherapist I find myself working instinctively, often automatically and yet there is a consideration to what I create. The early process of embodiment is of interest along with development of the mind and somatic response. 


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