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The Unknown

This work in progress is an imposing blob in my kitchen. It is an otherworldly entity that makes fun of the unknown. This faceless, slimy character has no features of an identifiable being. When it is finished it will be perched onto the stilettos. Its lunacy is a joke, a way of laughing at the phantoms and ghosts which appear when dealing with the blindness of times to come.

Currently I am waiting for a placement to work as an art psychotherapist. The waiting has been long, I've had to sit wondering about my own competency during this time. However I cannot know what is coming, there is no point speculating. The speculations that I have had are loaded with projective identifications from other experiences from throughout my life and bear no relevance to the current circumstances.

This waiting period has taught me that I am resourceful, a lot more so than I thought. The idea that we can learn from any situation comes into play when things like this happen, I'm able to employ my creativity to reshape my thinking in order to continue making progress. The unknown is not scary, it is nothing but whatever we choose to put in it. Make your choice, fill it with fear or leave it light and open for whatever comes, and adapt accordingly.

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