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2024 Works in Progress

I'm the real work in progress. However it manifests in what I create. Here are some images of my studio mess and what is currently underway. I'm pleased with what is currently happening in my sculptural works, there is a conversation between soft and hard. The fragility of the ceramics against hard surfaces. I have started looking at graffiti tags and also the kind of graffiti I see children do at school. I love how tags are a simple desire to be seen whilst also seeming a little aggressive, they are full of contradictions. I'm also keen to reach a point where my practice is totally environmentally friendly and my clay works are soon to only use natural hand made glaze and I aim to find ways to wood fire my work. Everything else I use it recycled, reclaimed and solvent free.

I have also been invited to show my painting 'An Unnatural Sense' in a show about identity at East Quay in Watchet. I'm quite excited to go, I really love it there. It will be lovely to be by the sea and feel the breeze. I have a long standing connection to Watchet, and its harbor. Heres to hoping it will lead to more opportunities.


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