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Vipassana has been an integral part of my life for a long time. I sat my first 10 day course in 2008, and practiced a lot around that time. Some years after that I stopped and then got back into it, feeling like I had started from the beginning again. In 2019, I served at the centre in Hereford and I made a pledge to myself that from that point I would meditate seriously and would be dedicated to a daily practice. I have kept that promise to myself. I have missed the occasional day when I have been away from home or been unwell, but other than that I have been consistent. The morning one hour meditation has had a huge and positive impact on my life. Now I am imbedding an hour at night. I find this much harder and have told myself for years that its either impossible or that I don't need it. I have recently returned from the centre again with a new pledge to myself that I will meditate 2 hours a day, and so far so good.

I have noticed that my work as an art therapist has been squeezing my vipassana practice and my art practice out of my life and Im aiming to gain some balance and trim out the aspects of my life that I do not need. Life is so much easier with low stress and art.

Here are some poems I wrote on return from the vipassana centre.

Calm Woods

Oh sweet woodland

Excite me, your delicate birds

But not so much as to

stir desire

stay simple in your charm

and so I may echo your beauty.

The Meditation Haze

Soft, with a fuzzy edge.

My eyes, my heart


Fuzzy edged love



Caress like a gentle hand on a cheek


Morning Glow

Slow soft

pace of a


purpose not other

than love

I evaporate

as morning dew rises

the morning sun

kisses the earth


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