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It can be hard to know what to do creatively and Ive found that planning anything does not work for me. Over the years I have been slightly critical of those who have a practice which is a series of different versions of the same things. Now that I am making more consistently and have a great studio I am finding that themes, motifs and processes are repeating and a coherent practice is emerging. The sketch book work and photography that I have been collecting over the years is now serving to influence my studio practice.

What is emerging is an amalgamation of urban landscapes, abstract painting, video and ceramic and found objects. As I carry on I find that over thinking ruins my flow as a result this has become a practice of letting go and loosing myself. I find that as soon as I try to make something it all falls apart. In a way this is process art as its the state of mind that I am in that gets me there, certain states of mind I would not attempt to create with. However I have found that at times I can use my studio as a place to escape, after a difficult day, making with a lack of expectation is just whats needed.

Some of my work seems very organic which is the abstract painting element, this sits within industrial materials, becoming an exploration of beauty. I find certain socially conditioned views of beauty limiting, so I challenge and subvert this. Hard gruff surfaces and materials are treated as art objects, objects of fetish and wonder. Urban spaces house us and ensure our basic needs are met, they are spaces of beauty as much as the sky, the grass and trees.

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