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Group Dynamics

I have met some lovely people here and had some lovely trips and jaunts around Reykjavik. However I have been homesick and missed my beautiful studio at Spike Island more than I thought, and my lovely partner and bunnies.

The people in the picture above are a lovely trio who have enhanced my experiences here and I have some memories with these guys I will never forget. However I have learned to not take for granted the quality of life I have at home and the amazing friends I have, as well as my routine, my yoga teacher, my partner and my job and colleagues. All of which have taken me a long time to find and I realise more than ever that I have done a great job at building a life I love.

Iceland has been a great experience, but I wont be hurrying away for another residency any time soon. Unless its a solo residency supported by a gallery culminating in an exhibition. Just putting that out there into the universe as working solo on my art practice is now going to be my main priority.

Its new years eve in a few days and I will be happy to be home on new years day. This period away from everything has given me time to reflect on what I will aim for in 2023. I want to improve my skills at work as a therapist (which is always an ongoing thing anyway), I may go back into therapy myself to look at some of the insecurities I have with moving forwards and break some cycles. And as always on the agenda is working on my art practice and ensuring that I keep building my catalogue of works.

I already have planned for the coming year an exhibition at Spike Island in the corridor, which will accompany an artist talk about how my practice has developed.

I have also been invited to show my work with a group of art therapists, which is yet to be confirmed and finalised. Hopefully some other exhibitions will come up as well, I have my eye on a few places that I am hoping to win over with shiny new works influenced by my time away.


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