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Putting ideas out there, can make them happen.

Here is a list of wants I am working on currently. Being an artist is always full of uncertainty and I am hoping these things will definitely happen.

  • Funding for a kiln and / or build a raku kiln.

  • Funding to further my practice.

  • To remain at Spike Island another 5 years at least.

  • Mentoring for my artwork and professional development, someone with great knowledge of sculpture.

  • Attend a workshop on making natural glazes.

  • To facilitate workshops on using clay instinctively.

  • To facilitate workshops on the creative process.

  • Exhibitions for my work, in the UK and overseas.

  • Residencies in remote locations to gain more inspiration for my work.

  • Start private practice art therapy sessions at my home, reduce hours in day job.

  • Obtain more oil paints and good brushes.

  • Develop woodwork skills, attend a workshop.

  • To make digital films again, exploring sound, repetition and movement.


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