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SIM Iceland Poetry.

Finally, I am not in England, its been a long time since I left. Its been 8 years. I am disoriented and excited. The way I have chosen to capture my experiences of this art residency is through photography, drawing and poetry. I have not written much poetry before despite being a deeply poetic person. Here are a few poems I have written so far.

Trip Ditty

A distant feeling trips,

skips, breaks, touches

The cold tips of my fingers

breath steams like

geysers rise,

heart beat.

Slip trip,




Long day, short light.

Different sided


Road riding on the right,

side, spinning me up.

Down and swimming.

Cold, hot swimmers in,

the steam warming bodies.

Connecting, grounding in,

an ungroundable fast.

The experience.

Reykjavik Sunlight

Wake early in the

dark, sleep, warm.


Sun comes, the long rise.

Like an eternal sunset of gold, glowing

around our edges. Our bodies.

Softening the sting on red cheeks.

Like God on your face, a kiss which

is short and missed,

until the next time we meet.

Self Love

Outside of it,

outside of the warm dapple of your skin.

Inside you, I am.

Unaware, frozen out

by my confusion.

Am I confused?

By being outside


In a moment is a space to occupy.

The shame of defiance.

But I don't mean to defy you.

My dislocation pain

location is my own.

Owned, crested with gold,

kissed, loved, accepted

and cared for.

To embrace my own love

is to heal, not to imagine

and crave your warmth,

that may not exist.


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