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Redefining The Parameters Of Everything

The parameters of everything are being redefined. It feels like everything is changing, when in fact we are just staying at home and hoping to stop the spread of illness. The impact of this being that everything has slowed down creating the space that we often crave for and are often denied. This is nothing new, illness and plagues have littered our history and through medical advancements we have managed this, however with the growth of capital over medical and scientific advancement, we have slipped back. I do not think this is a time for conspiracy theories rather a time to wonder how we could have let history repeat itself and not have learned from the great plagues of the past. It seems this time, for us, it is linked to environmental issues of which we have ignored all the red flags.

In amongst this, we find ourselves isolating. Being a key worker, I am still getting out and connecting with others which is helping my sanity. However outside of this I am at home and not entering my studio. I have been wondering where this leaves my art practice? Somewhere adrift as my thoughts recalibrate through this time of change and uncertainty. I am adjusting to new feelings and thoughts in my body and I have slowed down in order to feel them and learn to sit with them as they are not going anywhere, anytime soon. As I start to feel as though I have found my feet, I am adrift again, lost wandering in the unknown and the possibilities of this global situation.

I have started to make some artwork, and I find that working quickly means I do not over think and overwork. This also leaves space for my unconscious to step in and fill the gaps where no plan has been laid. This process means I am mystified by my own work initially and over time it begins to make sense to me. This becomes a process of trusting the process.

I have started ink drawings, as this is what I grabbed from my studio before the lockdown, I am continuing with the 'How To Trace A Thought' drawing series. I am influenced by the drawings of Louise Bourgeois and her work gives me permission to use my imagination. I also managed to pick up some clay and am going to try firing clay on a fire in my garden to see if this works. I have a fantasy, that my garden will become an installation once I have built some plinths and developed my clay work.

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