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Space to Re-Group

I have at times wondered whether I am doing enough during the lockdown period. I have completed a few paintings from home, as you can see above of my humble garden, but it hasn't felt as satisfying as being in my own studio space. Recently I made it back to my studio and I was surprised to find that I felt as though I had new eyes, a clearer vision of what my work is about, it made the break from creating feel worth it. I always have a sense of what my work is about however I easily get lost in process and the excitement of making things and it can result in something haphazard and disorganised.

On return I decided to look at everything I had, I created a framework, a way of categorising my work- I worked out that depending on my mood, I make different things. I have about 8 categories and it doesn't really stray outside of that.

This has helped me feel more purposeful and contented with what I am making. At times I think that I will stop making a series of something, as I am not feeling a connection to it, but I do other things and come back to it with a new vibrancy and want to be within that process once again.

I have created several categories (for 2d work, ceramics and sculpture), firstly, 2d paper works, that is split into automatic drawings, somatic, abstract and thought drawings. The other is 3d and split into experimental plinths, clay tools, clay containers and hanging works. Now I have these categories in mind, I can build on each of them and see my progress and develop something that feels more like a collection. It might not seem like much, however I think this is a big step for me within the creative process. If I am going by Moustakas 5 stages of creative process, this is is entering a new phase, I am feeling excited about this and looking forward to developing things further.

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