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Rugged Landscapes and Rugged Bodies

I am drawn to rugged landscapes, I have found myself on two residencies in Cornwall, far west where it is more remote. I have been to The Lizard, at the end of the land where the rocks fall into sea and often there is no one else around. My desire to be alone in remote places led me to apply for the SIM residency in Iceland which has the lowest population in Europe. I have been invited to go there in December when it will be very cold and the northern lights will hopefully be on show. I want to be in the landscape and sprawling open spaces. I think I am looking for a place that is so wild it has been untouched by man. I am yet to find one, there is always something man made to be seen, even if its just an irrigation trench.

This search for something wild comes into my work, as well as this tussle between nature and the man made. I explore the body and my own nature; emotional, imperfect and my sexuality as a queer woman.

In a sense I am creating landscape and portraiture work, however it goes beyond this into a new realm, where the two are combined in an instinctive way.

This year (2022), I am already proud of my creative achievements, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year. I am going to apply for arts council funding in the next round, to fund my residency with SIM, and look into creating some larger scale sculptural work.


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