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Gratitude for Envy

Made from old skirting boards ripped from the flat downstairs, this sign (image below) is a hand made and heart felt creation. It embodies the alchemic process of recognising my own envy as a barrier between myself and others. This realisation has transformed envy into a great teacher. Envy and gratitude fill the space between as they are no longer polarised.

Craving is instantly reduced allowing for a present state of mind to manifest. The process of making this sign was difficult, I was limited by my own skills. The splintered and bowing wood is clumsily held together by my crude carpentry, speaking of fragility and driven by determination.

Beyond my own process and within the BAS8, it sits alongside polished and accomplished artworks which hang like monuments over its humble existence. The lights that twinkle in the lettering make its dilapidation into a comical and subtle spectacle.

Unfortunately the film that accompanies the sculpture was unable to be shown due to damages to the historical sites. Hopefully there will be opportunities in the future for a full installation. This is a snapshot of the full film (above) which is 12mins long in its entirety.

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