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Mindfulness In The City

I photograph the city as a way of attuning with my environment. I have a love for mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism, however, living in the city I find the cliche of the zen buddhist reflecting on nature difficult to relate to. As a result I started responding to my own environment, messages about our true nature can be found in anything. My growing collection of photos are becoming an ethnographic study that describe the physical journeys I take through the city on a daily basis as well as documenting my state of mind as I make choices with my photography that are personal and reflective . I have been collecting photos and short films of windows, doors and urban landscapes for years and have boxes of them, hundreds in fact. Over the last year and half I started an Instgram account as a space for collecting and sharing my images, that until this point, had been an unshared form of kleptomania. Concretecrime my Instagram account is a compilation of pictures of London, Southampton and Bristol, the three cities I have lived in. The city is always in a state of flux, traffic moving, crowds of people flocking at certain times. Buildings being torn down to make space for the new. Bristol is in a period of gentrification which makes it a fruitful place to photograph. Some areas are run down and falling apart, some are being taken apart to be renewed. Every time I walk through an area there is something new to see, a new metaphor, a new place, a new reverie.

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