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Immersive Exploration.

Studio experiment 1

I am making more time to create artwork. I have a beautiful studio with beautiful people in and around it. My career as a therapist is taking off which is giving me a platform to work on my myself which inevitably affects my art practice in a positive way. This week, I have taken some time off work to think about my direction and aesthetic. Its not been an easy week, as I have set myself up with a challenge of developing some foundations for art practice to support it better moving forwards. At times I have felt very tired and like I do not know what I am doing. The phrase "trust the process" comes to mind. One that I use both as an artist and as a therapist. Easier said then done as often this involves slumps the size ravines and highs that are more little tiny reliefs that occur when something works, or comes together in a beautiful and surprising way.

I have had to remind myself of the 5 stages of the creative process this week and that it takes as long as it takes.

1, Preparation- Influence and information gathering.

2, Incubation- let the subconscious mind work with cooking up ideas.

3, Illumination- The ideas phase.

4, Evaluation- are the ideas any good, rethink, rework, edit.

5, Implementation- The doing part, building the work and getting the shows.

I may have got stuck in the incubation phase for a couple of days, but it was needed and this process cannot be rushed.

The work in the image above is an experiment at the beginning stages. I am glazing some ceramics, building plinths as well as considering backgrounds, paintings, films and wall hangings.

My intention is to continue with the way of work and once I have something completed I can put together a few exhibitions, but not for a while. Putting together exhibitions is such a distraction for me.

Watch my progress on instagram: bradleyspikeisland.

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