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What Washes Up On The Shore

With everything I have made in my studio over the last two years, I have been riddled with uncertainty and feelings of a lack of time to actualise my wok. The process has been slow and slotted around the tiring work of being a therapist, however I am reaching a more settled and self understanding place. As life keeps changing around, I have been consistent, with my work ethic and dreams. I have carried it all on, now this energy has manifested as ceramic sculptures that are emotional and visceral. Based on sadness and anxiety, as well as the things we dont want others to see, these blob like creatures sit on plinths made of domestic materials. like they have been coughed up or washed up on the shore.

This work brings together an exploration of mindfulness on the beach as well as a drive to use discarded domestic materials.

I have applied to share my more recent work with the world, wish me luck.

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