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Making Space

Most evenings I will be wandering through Stokescroft heading to my new studio. The derelict nature of the building means I can caste and create in the way I wish with little worry about a manager asking me to tidy up.

I have a habit of hoarding stuff that no one seems to want, broken things, lost things, and sometimes filthy things with infestations.

I rescue them from the street and convince myself they will become the part of huge sculpture. Sometimes they do, sometimes I just become attached to them and find it hard to chuck them out. So, I’ve tried my best not to start this endless cycle of hoarding and throwing and finding. My studio is currently covered with bin liners, which I’m sure I will make sense of one day and I currently am enjoying casting concrete and making little films. Being new to The Island I’m excited to find out what others make and become a part of the community of people involved in making it interesting.

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