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Clay is something that I have never used in my practice before and I have found it exciting, fun and diverse. I love sculpting so this has allowed me to bring this back into my work in a new way.

I am still often left wondering what I am doing, jumping into making without a plan and playfully seeing where this process takes me. There is a purity to this however it can sometimes feel overwhelming and limitless, without boundaries without rhyme or reason.

My current aim is to keep making in my studio, then look closely at what is there for repetitions and themes, from here I can then make more conscious efforts to explore what is naturally arising.

I am lucky enough to have several exhibitions that mean I can showcase my work and these will take me to the middle of the year. One called New sentimentalism, another through a magazine and website and another is a self organised group exhibition in Bristol.

Hopefully this year I can find a way to reorder my time so I can have more time off work to create and build up my visual language. This is important to me as it gives me a space to expel my emotions, which I have self created as well as the onesI collect through working as a therapist.

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