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There are a lot of things hanging in balance at the moment. I have a studio review coming up (where I have to prove I have a strong enough practice to remain at Spike Island studios). I also have applied for a few opportunities which I am hoping to get. Arts council funding DYCP is open again at the end of the month, Im going to apply. If it works out how I hope, then I will have the finances to take my work to the next level and also the space.

At the moment I am spending my own money on my practice, which is starting to become a burden. I work as an art therapist which is lovely, so working is never a chore, but more studio time would be an improvement. Its a shift I hope to make in the next few years, cutting my therapist work hours down and mainly being in my studio and making money from my practice. Or at least from talks and university visits. Lets see, the unknown of the future can bring twists we never expect. I can feel a big change coming this year. Whatever that might be.

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