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Taking it further and trying to not go too far.

I have moved to a much larger studio, its really big and has given my more ideas and ambition as a result. There is something about having more room and space around objects that allows me to contemplate without feeling over burdended and overwhelmed mentally. The image above was one of the stages of something I am developing about being in natural landscapes and also being in the city. Textures are somewhat organic but there is always something urban about it as well, in its roughness and domesticity.

Im thinking I may add stickers to some of the sculptures, the kind you pick up when travelling around, of places and on the coast, ones that advertise areas of beauty or a surf brand name.

I have two exhibtions coming up, one in London and another in Cornwall, it wasnt deliberate but its an urban/nature split like much of my work. Im looking forward to them both and I dont feel rushed with them, I have been taking my time and developing the work, it has allowed for resolution and a better finish and I feel pleased with what I have made, more so than with many of my previous works.

These exhibitions will provide the opportunity for some good photos of my work being exhibited and hopefully aid some future developments. Next year Im going to look into gaining an artists residency overseas, where I can spend time making work without distraction.


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