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On this grey and uneventful day, I went to an abandoned 'Super Hand Car Wash'. I have been collecting objects over a long period of time with the intention of arranging them somewhere. I am not fully sure what draws me to collect things and hoard them in the corner of my flat, but I still do it.

I guess there is something about wanting to fix down and immortalise items that have been discarded and fallen into entropy. Maybe there is a hidden fear of death in this activity, as I give new life to the forgotten and broken, photographing them in their raw and dilapidated state. These nomadic objects have a fleeting existence that I try and pin down for a moment, to make sense of them.

The location of the 'Super Hand Car Wash' was chosen as it was an abandoned large open space, full of broken things and a structured frame. It has since been dismantled, the space, cleared and the land has been sold on for development.

The car wash is like the ultimate ready made found object, one that acts as a framing device for the stuff I have arranged within it.

This exhibition will probably be seen by no one. The process is what is important, I find things, I arrange them into a system. I photograph them as an act of trapping time. They are then taken away again back in to the chaos of the world. My intervention is momentary, subtle and noninvasive.

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