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It All Comes Together In The End.


After the super hand car wash was dismantled and the space was cleared, I could not work there any longer. It seems I was the only person who saw the value of the derelict space full of discarded broken items. However, I had enough photographs to make a collage and result is the image above.

This is a piece of response art for the dissertation I am writing on the authorship of response art, whereby deconstruction is used to challenge the idea of authorship and the ethical treatment of the art psychotherapists self supervision artwork.

Found objects are used to question the relationship we have to objects and the meaning of ownership and labelling/name giving. All of these objects have come together to form an artwork that I am calling my own, but each has been owned by different people and has had many differing uses. It seems their identity is fleeting and not fixed. These objects as well as our own identities are unstable, the narrative we assign to all things is nothing more a temporary belief structure, one that can be changed, nothing is concrete. Actually, even concrete is made of cement and ballast and over time it crumbles and erodes becoming something else.

The dissertation I am writing uses a bricolage methodology, encompassing my own artwork, reflections, literature review and qualitative interviews. This will be available to read from June 2017.

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