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Dark Skies, Wild Seas Residency.

Following my exhibition in Cornwall, I found myself returning for a residency in the small fishing village of Coverack, which is a part of the Lizard, the most southern landmark in England. Going there in December was cold and quiet, it was a time to be able to explore the landscape, fully, and find myself totally immersed. Historically my work had been about personal experience and contemplation, during this residency I was able to take my enquiries further. I has an opportunity to meet with an archeo-astronomer and geologist who kindly explained the history of the raw landscapes. I learned about the moho, which is the coming together of a mantel and tectonic plate on the beach creating some very interesting rock formations. The stone on the beach is said to be the same as what is found on the moon. This information along with star gazing and learning about the pagan history of the area set my mind wandering and thinking about how we are always in outta space, we and space are one. The stars and us are one. Much like the pagans of the past, I found myself in worship of the beauty of the land that was around me. I decided to capture this by taking black and photographs of ordinary beach debris in a way that makes them looks mysterious and otherworldly, whist also having something visceral, fleshy and bodily in their appearance.

I have been blowing up these images large (A1) to make sure they are fully celebrated. I will accompany this with ceramics containers, that will play the sounds I recorded on the beach. These sounds are like white noice, they are of the sea while also sounding like the high vibrational sounds of the universe.


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